Empty Homes – But STILL  developers are building more!

Empty Homes – But STILL developers are building more!

Published: February 29th, 2016

This can be a familiar sight: a traditional family home that, in its time, would have been very grand and the envy of all who surveyed…..BUT now, it’s boarded up, trying to hide the wounds of its recent history. In Devon and Cornwall alone there are over 20,000 of these empty properties. Defined as dwellings that have not been occupied for 6 months or more. (This does not include those holiday homes that may only be used on an irregular basis). Yet there are still thousands of new homes being built. However, there is hope, and help is available to bring these properties back to being useable again. Click on this link to find out more. https://new.middevon.gov.uk/housing/private-sector-housing/empty-homes/ Why not do you part and help these homes from a bi-gone era, give them a new lease of life. Developers may not always be around in their armies, as we’ve already seen from the double dip recession, and trades people being laid off when there’s not enough paid work available. Let’s be sensible about this, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! ….but these old homes are in need of fixing and a lot of TLC. Don’t allow property history to be forgotten, if we can save a property or two, they will remain as living history, if it is past its sell by date and in a state of disrepair, then let the developers, however big or small, have their fair share.