We need you!

We need you!

Published: September 26th, 2016

We need you….. well more directly, we need your property. The market is in undated with buyers but the lack of property is making it hard for them to buy. Likewise many potential sellers won’t put theirs on the market because they can’t find. SO, everyone who’s thinking about selling, give it a go, and put your property on the market = problem solved!

It is all in the preparation and understanding. If we know what you are looking for we can help you find it. We can find you a buyer and advise them that if you, the seller, are still looking, advise the buyer to not do anything on the sale of yours until you have found……OR……get the sale started and if you cannot find straight away, that you will break the chain and go in to rented accommodation.

Going in to rented are you crazy!!! All that extra money spent…. Well, keep on reading.

Going in to rented has its advantages!!!

1) You can move before you complete the sale, just make sure you have exchanged contracts before committing to a rental contract. Allow a decent time frame between exchange and completion such as 2-4 weeks. This means that there is no last minute hectic rush to get everything packed up and moved. You can move gently and get settled before completing your sale. Gives you time and pace to do that final check and clean.

2) By not rushing to find somewhere, you don’t make any rushed decisions and therefore reduce the risk of buying a mistake- this can be a costly mistake by the time you incur, stamp duty, agents and solicitors fees, surveying and finance fees. Yes you have the cost of renting, but this is often still a much cheaper option than making the above mistake. Plus you can rent something you wouldn’t necessarily choose to buy such a thatched cottage, or an apartment by the sea. Both beautiful options but not necessarily what you would be looking to buy.

3) You are now in a great position for buying when you do find. Nothing to sell/ no chain! Those golden words!! The least amount of risk to a potential seller. You may also save yourself some pennies. In a multiple bid situation because you don’t have the chain can save you a few pennies compared to those who may be in a chain. If there are other buyers wanting the property but they have a chain then you have much less risk of the sale not falling through.

 Still struggling to find?

Well start driving around, and take notes of the roads or even particular properties that are of interest, and we will make an approach on your behalf. Potential sellers will often feel more comfortable dealing with an agent rather than a private individual. Someone to chase the sale through and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.