Everyone loves our home - so why hasn't it sold?

Everyone loves our home - so why hasn't it sold?

Published: December 27th, 2018

Everyone loves my home, and says why hasn’t it sold?

It can be quite disheartening and frustrating when friends and family ask “have you sold yet?” They and you think your home is lovely and can’t understand why it hasn’t been snapped up by an eager buyer.

Well could it be the marketing isn’t pulling the attention it should do. What do we mean by marketing? Well anything that is showing your home off to potential buyers. Photographs, for sale board, the write up, social media…etc Ask your friends and family, does your home look as good in the photos as in the flesh?

We had a lovely family who had this predicament. Their home had been sat on the market for 350 days…..they were at their wits end and just wanted to move. They had asked their agent to reduce the price as felt it was on for too much money at its original price of £645,000 but the agent said no, there’s no need to reduce the price, buyers will just make offers if they’re interested. One day they had had enough, and withdrew it.

To give you a bit more background. They had a stunning period family home which was finished with a contemporary style on the inside, and was worth in the region of £600,000. Everyone who looked inside this home fell in love with it, which is why we got it sale agreed within one month of launching. But the problem before we came along was the previous agents photographs and write up to name but a few.

The write up was short and unimaginably non-captivating, listing period features such as picture rails and high skirting boards, and other lists including rooms. The floorplan had no measurements on it either, making it very difficult for a prospective buyer to really understand what was actually on offer.

Admittedly not everyone looks at the write up, mainly because most agents mainly list rooms and are not very descriptive. We take this to a whole new level, but we’ve talked about this before. So taking it back to basics- a floorplan is one aspect that most buyers will want to review. Knowing what size the rooms are so they can see if this home is going to be big enough for them.

The other is the photographs. Now looking at the before and afters, we know which worked as we found the buyers. Simple things like the bedroom, wanting to see a lot of the master bedroom rather than just the end of the bed. 





This is one room that can make a huge difference to whether someone will buy your home or not. Which do you prefer?

The snug area with the wood burner lit, makes it cosy and inviting, rather than a black cold box in the centre of the photo.


This isn’t an isolated case, and we could go on all day with various case studies. It doesn’t matter how unique your home is, if you have put your heart and soul into making your home beautiful then the marketing done by your agent should match this. 

Many agents don’t have the knowledge or experience to provide styling and presentation advice, yet what do we all watch on TV programmes but the likes of Phil Spencer providing such advice. So, if you’re struggling to sell, and want some advice on where things can be improved to finally get a sale on your home, call now on 01395 275556. Sometimes a fresh approach and passion for selling homes gives you your home moving mojo a boost.

Intrigued to know more, you should be. What’s the point in waiting another day?