How to sell unique homes - Unique homes deserve bespoke brochures.

How to sell unique homes - Unique homes deserve bespoke brochures.

Published: October 08th, 2018

I was with Becky - a potential client, the other day, doing a home consultation. Her home was beautiful. It was one of a kind on her road, originally a bungalow that had been turned in to a house a few decades ago, but she had in recent years converted the loft into a stunning bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, and glass doors opening to a stainless and glass Juliet balcony where the most glorious views of the River Exe could be enjoyed. Sunsets would be amazing from there. I was overwhelmed at how well this loft conversion had turned out, made use of all the space and didn’t feel cramped, but the strange thing was it had barely been mentioned in the previous agents marketing.

The best part of this unique home wasn’t being shown off!

I had prior to the appointment asked Becky for a brochure, but she had never seen one, so I said not to worry I’ll get one. This is where the fun started. I spoke to a lady at the agency who advised all details were online and they don’t have printed brochures. Having advised I don’t have a printer, she eventually but begrudgingly said she would print one off and send it to me. True to her word, 3 days later it arrived, a black and white print out with out of focus photos and a floorplan with no measurements, together with a list of rooms and the standard agency write up telling me the downstairs cloakroom had “tiled splashbacks” and a “TV point” in the sitting room. The bedrooms didn’t match up with the numbers on the floorplan…..and well I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

As you can imagine, although Becky had already given notice and only had a day or two left with them she was pleased to say the least to be no longer dealing with them. We both agreed that White Company, Range Rover and Next may have a slightly different opinion to this agent that high quality printed marketing brochures/catalogues were still a necessity for selling.

So, why on earth would an agent continue with this low level of marketing- simply a numbers game. The more properties they have on their books, they’re likely to sell a percentage of them and that’ll do nicely. Cheap and …..well not really that cheerful.

Think about your own home. You’ve no doubt made some upgrades, a new kitchen, bathroom…..maybe you’ve done a fantastic loft conversion. All of which cost you money, time, effort and anguish whilst the work was taking place. As soon as you do any changes to your home it becomes unique. Even down to decorating and dressing. This is what makes every home unique, so why not consider spending a little more time in getting the best marketing for your home, presenting it beautifully in a bespoke brochure. Take a look at ours for example, 3 out of the last 4 homes we have recently sold, were on with other agents. One had admittedly had a “glossy brochure” but it was the same as every other glossy brochure compiled by that agent. The photos were still taken by an agent, not a professional photographer and the wording left you feeling cold.

So, let’s take a completely different example but one we have all seen.

Burger and chips £3.99.


Prime British beef burger in a homemade brioche bun, sticky balsamic onions, tomato, mostarda di Cremona secret sauce, served with chunky triple cooked chips, together with a rocket and parmesan salad £12.95

You see this all the time in restaurants, customers like to know what they’re getting, so tell them, and I don’t know about you, but the second choice is certainly tickling my taste buds.

So why not do the same with homes?

Standard agent: “On the first floor are four double bedrooms with the master benefiting from an en-suite facility.”

Victoria James: “The master bedroom is a joy; doors opening onto its own little balcony where you will almost smell the sea air. No need for clothes clutter here, just a beautiful bed and a statement chair or dressing table. Around the corner you have your own dressing area complete with generous wardrobes, and then go through to the uber stylish en-suite bathroom. Large and airy, bedrooms 2 and 3 and the family bathroom with its walk-in shower and roll top bath are also found off this light filled landing. Down a few steps bedroom number 4 is tucked away with its own small shower room and a separate toilet ideal for guests.”

En-suite facility?! Sounds more like something commercial, maybe a basic hotel, certainly not a home!

This is the difference between standard and bespoke. Going back to the burgers which would you rather have?

Ensuring you have the professional photography to match. 

Now compare the photographs below…. previous agent "before", Victoria James "after"


Put it this way, having been on for months before and not received any offers, within 4 weeks we had a buyer in place and solicitors instructed. The sellers nicknamed me the “property ninja!” a name which I am more than happy to be called. You see, they hadn’t been given presentation advice, nor had they had professional photographs, but now that they did, all packaged together with captivating words and a stunning brochure, the task of finding a buyer was much simpler. We had numerous viewings and could have sold it 3 or 4 times over.

If you’d like to know more about how to market your unique home, call me now on 01395 275556 to arrange your home consultation.