Everyone loves my home…so why hasn’t it selling?

Everyone loves my home…so why hasn’t it selling?

Published: June 05th, 2019

When you first think about selling your home and getting it on the market, you’re filled with the excitement of when you will sell, and start looking around at what could be your next home. The initial rush of viewings gives you hope of achieving a sale quickly. After a week or two the viewing numbers deplete, and as time passes you may start to feel to despondent.

Sound familiar? Read on…..

It can take a couple of months to find a proceedable buyer on average, however, if you’re in the mid to lower brackets, say £600,000 and below, then this should be plenty of time to at least find an interested party- they may or may not be proceedable at the two months mark, but you know there’s a spark of hope that you will sell, when your potential buyer does. Currently, the market is that of a strange one. Due to the lack of properties for the second half of 2017 and the whole of 2018, many buyers struggled to find and therefore wouldn’t try to sell until they had found. Now it’s a race to sell to be able to go for the one they find. So, it’s worth having detailed conversations with your agent about how many enquiries they have received and what those buyers proceed-ability is. Many buyers have lost properties they have found due to not having a buyer, so although many are still physically viewing homes, there are a number that are just sitting tight until they sell, for fear of losing what they may dream of being their next home.

Knowing who is looking in terms of buying position enables you to work out if it’s the market or whether its something else. Two other options spring to mind, the price, which most agents jump straight on to, or secondly the marketing.

Value and getting it priced right.

Many sellers have been caught by some agents desperate for properties, who have over valued their home in order to gain an instruction. We’re not just talking about a bit of wiggle room for negotiating but we’ve seen in many circumstances £50,000-£100,000 being added to the price. This is no good to anyone, and this is not the sellers fault, if someone who is meant to be professional is giving you a figure that actually means you can buy your dream home, its easy to be swept off your feet and enjoy the dream. The reality is somewhat different, as viewing numbers will be low if any, and the home sits on the market for a very long time. But it’s not just value, it’s the price it’s advertised for. Gone are the days where you advertise your home at £499,995. This worked before portals came in to play, but now you would advertise at £500,000 to optimise your bracket of buyers.

Marketing and presentation

Whatever the price/value is, one thing that most agents seem to miss out on improving is the marketing of each house. It is still seen by many as a house, as in bricks and mortar, not a home and lifestyle. If you go to a new build site, and look at the show home, you’ll see it dressed looking amazing, inviting and the marketing will have pictures of smiling families, all enjoying themselves. It all pulls at the heart strings.

But lets take it back to basics:

Photos: Are you happy with them? Are they the best they can be? Has your agent advised you how to dress and style your home in readiness for the professional photographer. If you’re not happy with the pictures of your home, neither will the potential buyers.

Floorplan: Do you have one? Are the measurements correct? Is it easy to see the compass point tO show off your south facing garden? Don’t settle for measurements hidden within your details, as descriptions can be difficult to understand and match with the floorplan without measurements on.

Directions: Can buyers find you easily? A bespoke board is always best if your home cannot be seen from the road.

Description: Does this sell your home? Or is it just a shopping list? i.e. Kitchen, comprised of wall and base units, tiled splashbacks to a one and a half bowl stainless steel sink.

So back to the original question: Everyone loves my home…so why hasn’t it sold!?

Well there can be a number of reasons, and the only way to know is to ask me. I am Victoria, proud owner of Victoria James. I am receiving more and more referrals and recommendations for the advice and marketing of my clients homes. I have a strong team of exceptional talent to help show your home off to potential buyers. With the last sales going in excess of their advertised prices.

Intrigued? You should be. Call now on 01395 275556, or email info@vjproperty.co.uk to find out more and book your home consultation which is free and you are under no obligation to do anything. So, you have nothing to lose. I look forward to catching up with you and advising you in more detail why your home isn’t selling and get you moving.