Thinking of moving home - not sure where to start?

Thinking of moving home - not sure where to start?

Published: February 18th, 2019

Want to move home but don’t know where to start?

This is a question I often hear from first time buyers and from someone who has been in their family home for a long time. Both of which are a little anxious, but with our helping hand you’ll soon find out it can actually be rather enjoyable!

Are you mad? Home moving – enjoyable? Yes! Forget about the detail for a minute, and look at the bigger picture. The idea is simple….get a buyer, find a new home and move. The rest is down to your agent and other professionals to do the nitty gritty of marketing your home and negotiating the best offer, sorting out the legals and not forgetting the removals.

However, there are some things that will need your undivided attention before you begin.

It can seem daunting at first but with our 5 Step Moving Plan you’ll find you’ll be moving sooner than you could ever have imagined.


Step 1 – The financials

This one is often left until the last minute or at best maybe a quick search online is done and a figure brought together as to what you can afford to buy. It is worth spending a bit more time on this to begin with. Go and see at least one independent financial adviser to get a better idea as to how much you can borrow from a lender as well as the monthly cost. It maybe that you actually go higher than you originally thought which could be the make or break of a deal or even a completely missed opportunity if the gap is much bigger. Don’t forget if you already have a mortgage don’t forget any early settlement fees etc to be taken in to account.


Step 2 – The team

Not only will you need an agent and a financial adviser, there’s a solicitor, surveyor, removals, as well as any specialised reports you may well require. We always recommend people that we have worked with time and time again, who we trust to do the job and get the job done in a timely manner. Don’t buy cheap….buy cheap and buy twice! If you don’t get the best for you, it could end up costing more in the long run. So start to get a list of professionals together and costings. This will help you work out your financials.


Step 3 – What do you need?

When looking for your new home, its very easy to make a long list of dreams, but in reality, you may only get a couple on your list. So, it’s worth writing down and talking to everyone who will be living in the new home what they would like. From this put them in to three lists:

a)       Necessity – you have to have a downstairs bedroom with the ability to make an ensuite

b)      Ideally – there’s an ensuite already with the downstairs bedroom.

c)       Dream – the home has coastal views

Be as detailed as possible, but try to keep the necessities to a maximum of 7 things.  For example:

1)      Three bedrooms

2)      Study or 4th bedroom

3)      Good sized garden

4)      Levelish walk to local shop

5)      Within the school catchment area

6)      Parking for at least 2 cars.

From here start making a list of properties on Rightmove that meet your necessity list, and start doing drive bys. Get to know the areas well, during all times of day.5.jpg#asset:1625808

Step 4 – Home sweet home!

Now that you’ve got the bug to move, it’s very easy to start viewing, find something you love and rush to get yours on the market. So, lets take a step back. Look at your home as if you had never seen it before and you were viewing it again for the first time. Look at what work needs to be done. This could be tidying and sorting/decluttering. Cleaning fascias and guttering. Fixing the garden gate that’s been hanging off one hinge since forever. Every bit of work you do helps you to achieve a better price.

If you look at a house and see work to be done, instinctively you’re thinking well that’s £100, to do that and £500 to this, and so on and so forth. It’s a way of justifying a lower offer. It could be that there’s a small hairline crack in the wall where plaster has dried too quickly, so fill it and paint it. However, if you have bigger issues, it’s worth getting these checked out professionally and finding out what the issue is and getting a quote to fix an issue. If your pockets aren’t deep enough to fix it that’s ok, as long as there is quote and a report saying what the problem is, how much it will cost and length of time to fix, buyers are much more likely to go ahead. So problem solved.


Step 5 – Get your paperwork in order

Inevitably there will be paperwork to find, sort and complete, so why not take the time to do this when you are sorting and tidying to get your home ready to market. It could be FENSA certificate for those patio doors you had fitted a few years ago, or the latest boiler service paperwork. Any work that you have had done will inevitably have had some paperwork. You may even still have the deeds to the house. Put it all neatly together in a box file, make copies where possible. Give originals to your solicitor who can start checking things in readiness for a buyer. If the property hasn’t been sold in a very long time, or there have been changes to the boundary or on private drainage it’s definitely getting your solicitor to do some basic checks sooner rather than later, as if any changes need to be made with the land  registry this can take time so worth doing.

Your next move

Ok, so there’s some work to do now. You’ve got the list, but still thinking, where do I start, who do I call….that’s ok. Most sellers will feel like this as you may only buy and sell a few times in your life. We do this everyday, so give Victoria a call on 01395 275556 and have a chat. She’ll even pop round to help you go through each step.

Victoria is well known for helping her clients and customers alike from the very start through to completion and beyond.

You’re in safe hands, so pick up the phone and start your moving plan today!