Post Referendum = Brexit.

Post Referendum = Brexit.

Published: June 30th, 2016

What should you do next is a great question. We are doing what many of our friends and family are doing, and looking at our outgoings versus our income on a personal and business level. Contemplating tightening the purse strings, and checking everything we are paying for we want and more importantly we need. If we want it but don’t need it, it’s taking a back seat for the immediate future. Part of this is being prepared for whatever comes out of leaving the EU, and part, for peace of mind, that if we were down to one income we would still be able to afford a roof over our heads as well as food and bills.


With banks offering low fixed term interest rates, and being encouraged to lend to keep the housing market buoyant, we are in a better position than we were 8 years ago, and speeches from the Governor of the Bank of England reassuring the public and businesses that they are prepared for EVERY eventuality! This is all positive, but what can we “the public” do to help ourselves….it’s all in the planning.             


This is the perfect time to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser (which we can put you in touch with) to discuss your options. In true British style we will bounce back and everything should turn out ok, but in the short term is it worth reducing your outlay to ensure security of your home for you and your family? Ensure you have peace of mind and in the best possible financial position for a faster economic recovery? We think yes.


This doesn’t necessarily mean moving, but in some cases, a move may just be worth doing. For those who are comfortably off financially, it may be worth just seeing if any debts can be paid off sooner rather than later, after all savings rates are still incredibly low in terms of return.


Those who have been thinking about downsizing, maybe the children have left home and you no longer need the 4/5 bedroom home but that a 2/3 bedroom home would better fit your needs. Still room for visitors or returning children.


There are many more reasons for moving, but ensuring you and your family are stable for the future, most of us aim for this. It could be that you might be looking to upsize to make room for a growing family.


5 Steps to success……

STEP 1- Speak to an independent financial adviser- we can recommend someone to speak to.

STEP 2- What are your long term plans, upsize, downsize, same size but smaller mortgage…do you need to move. Moving? Go to STEP 3

STEP 3- Call Victoria to value your home, and get a realistic valuation

STEP 4- Put your property on the market with Victoria James Property and be cared for. After all we do take the stress out of selling.

STEP 5- Move home.