Selling in September

Selling in September

Published: September 05th, 2018

I am often asked, when is a good time to sell my home? No doubt you have heard that September, New Year and April are often seen to be good times to sell – why is this? For family focused buyers there are generally 3 times in a year they look to move.  Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Which just so happens to tie in with the 3 school terms!

They, on the whole, do not look during the summer as that is the school summer holidays, they may also be abroad/away on holiday, but largely, it’s their children that hold them back. House hunting is not yet on their radar of entertainment or vocabulary. Mums and Dads normally prefer to view child free, so that they can concentrate on the property they’re looking at, rather than keeping the children occupied. i.e. less distraction.

Even though there maybe less viewings in September, you will find they are serious buyers, desperately keen to find their new dream home and move in before Christmas!

So, lets have a look through the top 10 reasons to sell in September:

1. For a family, they have probably decided that they would like to have moved into their new home before Christmas and therefore are highly motivated. They have two weeks off with the children to also settle them in before the New year.


2. Your garden is still looking beautiful, not too wind swept! With the leaves on the trees turning in colour also makes for great seasonal photographs.

3. Longer nights are drawing in fast. For buyers looking, they may be thinking it’s finally time to get that log burner they’ve been talking about, but with a larger living room that will be big enough for the whole family to snuggle up to, by the fire.

4. Schools have just gone back, so it can feel like a new year. A new year = NEW HOME!

5. With your children at school, this allows for the house to stay tidy during the day, making it a good time for viewings.

6. Grey days are wonderful for that cosy look and feel. So its time to put the lamps on and get the fire lit. All helpful in obtaining those twilight shots as well.


7. Parents able to view without children are less stressed, and therefore more relaxed, but more importantly, in a better frame of mind to make a decision on your home.

8. It’s also perfect timing for school catchments, as most deadlines for school admissions is February.

9. Historically, according to Rightmove, houses that sell in September achieve above average asking prices.

10. Summer is over and therefore, trips to the beach and holidays are reduced for the buyers, meaning that more buyers are around to view your home.

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