5 Reasons to sell your home in Spring!

5 Reasons to sell your home in Spring!

Published: April 02nd, 2019

5 Reasons to sell your home in Spring!

Spring is the season that most inspires us to get on with jobs we’ve been talking about over the winter months. Cold, wet and windy weather is hopefully behind us and sunny blue sky days put us all in a much happier and more productive frame of mind.

One of those jobs talked about is that of selling and moving home.

So why Spring? -I hear you say! Well…..


1) New beginnings

Having dusted off winter and spring cleaned your home it’s the start of a new beginning. Clearing out the clutter inside the house and getting the garden furniture back out of the shed. Tidying up the garden allowing for the plants to flourish once again for the forthcoming year. Maybe, preparing this years crops- nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit and veg from your own garden!

Maybe there are other new beginnings afoot to take in to consideration, a new relationship, a baby, a fresh start.


2) Looking beautiful

Having done all the hardwork, your home and garden are now picture perfect. The sun is helping everything look beautiful. The trees are coming back into leaf/blossom, and the rays of sunlight are pouring through the windows. You’re starting to fall in love with your home again, but you know it’s time to sell. So why not sell it now when you feel it looks its best, looks beautiful!


3) Moving Day

The day you move is always a busy one but made a little easier if its not pouring with rain! So moving over the summer with better likelihood of the sun shining, or at least being dry, means you can open the windows and doors of your new home, allowing fresh air to circulate- which can be so important if the home hasn’t been lived in. After a busy day, you can start enjoying your new home and step outside in to the garden, pop open a bottle of bubbly and toast to your new home.


4) Summer Time

Selling in the early spring will hopefully mean moving sometime over the summer -great! This gives you time to get the jobs you want to do, to make it your home, before the not so good weather arrives. If no work required -even better! Get your friends and family around for those BBQs you’ve been dreaming of and start making memories.


5) Flowers blooming

As more people put their homes on the market, inevitably more buyers join the search in finding their new family home, and the interest in your home rises. Statistics show that homes sell 15% faster when they are listed between March and April than any other time of year. Inevitably this doesn’t always fall in to place, but in theory, the busier the market, the faster you’ll find a buyer and the sooner you’ll move in to your new home.

So if you’ve been thinking about moving home for a while, now is the perfect time to take the plunge. I’d love to make the spring the start of your new beginning.

Email victoria.lambden@vjproperty.co.uk or call 01395 275556 – I look forward to hearing about your plans!