A new year...a new home!

A new year...a new home!

Published: January 02nd, 2020

A new year, a new home?

Christmas has come and gone quickly, as it always does, and the time between Boxing Day and New Years Eve can get you thinking of many things including moving home.

Maybe you’ve had the family around and realised it’s time to upsize with the family getting larger in number, or even the complete opposite, you’ve done enough hosting over the festive period for years it’s time to downsize. Someone else can cook next year!

So what’s next?

You may well have already started looking at properties online, and making enquiries about viewing some of them. But I’ll just give you another thought.

What about your home? Is your home market ready? What is market ready?

Market ready: getting advice on presentation, and any work done that should be completed before taking photographs and launching on to the market.

You only get one chance at launching your home and making an impact on those buyers that are currently looking, so it’s important to get it right from the start. Too many rush to get their homes on to the market in order to buy their dream home they have just viewed. But this in the long term doesn’t always work, and even when a quick sale is achieved – have you reached the value you were hoping for? And should it fall through because it’s taken too long – what then?

In the last 15 years of being an estate agent I have encountered too many rushed decisions, and most sellers have regretted it, and having had time to think about it, and looked around a little more at agents have come across me, often saying “wish I had come to you before- thought a bigger agent would’ve been better”. It’s logical, with more hands to the deck it would make sense, but how many properties are they trying to sell at the same time. We limit the number of properties we take on to ensure we can deliver what our clients expect.

After all, you and your home deserve time, and attention to detail to get the offers you anticipate receiving. With our unique and bespoke 21-Day Marketing Plan, you won’t be disappointed in the way we showcase and sell your home within a reasonable timescale. Using key elements such as professional lifestyle photography, poetic copywriting and magazine style brochures, to give you just a few.

Having had a 100% success rate in 2019 of all our sales agreed going through to exchange of contracts  and within an average timescale of 6 weeks and 3 days, which compared to the national average of 14 weeks is fast, you sure to be in safe hands.

At VictoriaJames we get the job done. We can’t magic buyers out of thin air, but if there are buyers out there wanting your home, we will find them.

So if you would like your home to have the very best home and lifestyle marketing or intrigued to know more, call me for a chat on 01395 275556 or email info@vjproperty.co.uk to arrange your free home consultation.